TRUE TONE Schläpfer


Cyrill Schlaepfer, a lifetime resident of this region and

knowledgeable to the point of obsession. He has done a great service

for the region, for yodelers and fans as well as for lovers of

ambiences because Schlaepfer, after a stint as a rock drummer, became

one of Switzerland's most intrepid recorders of a regions sounds. He

has produced rock albums, moved into pop/renovating yodels, produced

the poetic-documentary film UR-Musig, then compiled various

collections of yodels and also began recording and producing entire

CDs of just meadow ambiences, of cows with cow bells grazing,

documenting the cow bells, their sizes, shapes, meanings, uses, then

moving into the recording of grazing sheep and goats all with bells

to create an incredible series of sonic portraits. His new project is

immense and awesome - a 3 CD 3 DVD box set of recordings over a 10-

year period of the historical steamboats that traverse Lake Luzern,

carrying tourists and travelers and hikers to their destinations. He

has not merely tried to record the sounds but - and here he somehow

reminds me of Werner Herzog - to make sense of them, to organize them

in a way that we can gain a deeper higher meaning from the sounds and

how these sounds can explain utility or how man relates to his

surroundings. Anyway, his obsession led to deeper readings of purpose

and sound.

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